Where you are going to be in 3 months?

Hi loves —

I have something important that you need to read right now. 

January 2020 is just over three months away. 

How does that make you feel? 

How has this year unfolded? 

Let yourself think back to January 2019. Who were you then? What were you hoping for, dreaming of, and planning? What did you want this year to BE? Maybe you sat down and created a list of goals for your year, with your cup of tea & your favorite pens. Maybe you set out to learn to play the ukelele, finally clean out the garage, change your job, start your blog. Maybe you wanted to *feel* differently — to drink more water and move your body more so that you feel more energetic, alive & bright.  Maybe you wanted to connect more deeply with your partner, carving out more time for date nights or trips to the beach. 

So my question for you today is: did you do it? 

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