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What if Sundays were never Scary: My Weekly Planner Ritual

We know so many people who dread the start of their week.

A quick scroll through Facebook on a Sunday or Monday and you’ll see so many reminders that most people are simply trying to get through the week, hoping that they can survive until the weekend without too much overwhelm and drama. You’ll see countdowns til Friday, memes about “the Mondays” or reminders of the Sunday Scaries, when people start to dread the end of their weekend.

What if instead you got excited for Monday, because you look forward to living your dreams all week? Imagine if you spent your Sundays looking forward to a week routine that is inspired, aligned, and organized!

Even beyond that, picture yourself able to look ahead with certainty, knowing that you have already made time in your upcoming schedule for doing everything you must get done, PLUS you had also built in time for rest, play, attending to your physical and spiritual health, and spending meaningful time with family and friends? You were dreaming and planning your way into a fulfilled and balanced week.

Suddenly, Monday wouldn’t feel so overwhelming, would it?

We are all about Sunday CLARITY around here, and one of our customers’ favorite elements of the Rituals for Living Dreambook+Planner is what we call the “Weekly Bootcamp” routine. This is setting aside time on a Sunday evening, a Monday morning, or whenever you choose to start your week, and planning it all out.

But, it’s not simply a matter of making yourself write down all the stuff you have to do.

This is about making it special.

We love to incorporate these elements into our planning time, and when you start to add them into yours, you’ll see a huge difference in your attitude toward your week.

  1. Set the scene 

Is there a favorite cafe, restaurant, or part of your house where you feel the most inspired? Are there special touches like candles, fresh flowers, or a favorite drink that could make your planning session feel celebratory and sweet?

  1. Schedule the most important things first.

This is how you’ll know that they will truly happen! What are you committed to creating or doing this season? What are your monthly goals? Making sure that they go in your weekly schedule FIRST will ensure that you aren’t letting yet another week go by without making progress on your dreams.

  1. Commit to making this part of your week, every week.

Like so many things in life, this ritual works when you work it. Can you make this commitment sacred, a standing date with your future, that you will honor every week? How much more fun will your Sundays be now?

We’d love to see what your ritual for planning looks like, and how incorporating these tips into your life makes a difference! Snap a picture and tag us on social @thedragontree or #dreamingandplanning #dreambook

Happy (not scary) Sundays, from now on!


Briana and the Dragontree Team

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