Love Notes

Dreaming and Planning

I believe that balance does exist.

I’ve been quiet about this for some time now, but there has been a rising desire to speak out with this currently unpopular belief.  Why is it unpopular?  Well I think that many people were chasing balance in an unbalanced way that felt constrictive and not heart centered and thus there was a backlash of thought leaders breaking out of that trap and stating that balance is a myth.

I get it.  And I think that this was a necessary part of the story line for all of us.

And now I think its time for a paradigm shift.  Even just holding faith that balance is possible, that it does exist, is a strong place to stand in the world.  When we hold a belief that something is real and true we are able to see it manifest in the world around us and see avenues of creating that in our own lives.

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Dreams, Actualized

When I met my wife, she was a massage therapist and I was practicing Chinese Medicine. I thought we were pretty similar people on pretty similar tracks. She’s six years younger than I am, so, naturally, I figured I’d be ahead of her in most ways. Boy, was I kidding myself.

At age 23, she opened a large spa in Portland. I helped. At 24, she and I bought our first house. At 27, she had a baby, opened a café, bought a second house and turned the first one into a rental. I helped. At 28, she opened a second spa. I helped. At 30, she pushed us to buy the commercial building our first spa and two restaurants occupy. I helped. At 32, she founded her own brand, launched a program to help people achieve their dreams, bought a third house and turned the second one into a rental. I helped. At 33, she opened a third spa. I helped. At 34, she opened a fourth spa, started a new magazine, had a second baby, and created and Launched a Kickstarter for a Dreambook+Planner . I helped.

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