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All the (wonderful) detail things


Wow, it’s been a wild ride.  From conception to this moment has been a roller coaster of amazing joy and small/medium challenges, and it’s still going strong.

Thank you to everyone that is emailing and messaging us with love for the Dreambooks – we’re so thrilled to be getting them in your hands.  We can’t wait to see what you create!

Some details:

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Nearing the finish line

The Rituals for Living Dreambook (and Dreambook+Planner) is just a week from shipping. Woot woot!

We have the final and it’s beyond gorgeous. We’re so excited to deliver these Dreambooks to all you beautiful people!

We can’t wait to hear from you once you receive yours.

It’s all happening!


Briana and Peter

Three Steps to Overcome Stress and Achieve Your Dreams


Three Steps to Overcome Stress and Achieve Your Dreams

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. – Oprah Winfrey

There is something in all of us, a spark or a fire, that want to create an exceptional life.  A life where we have meaningful success, happiness, and health.  But chasing that dream can often lead to a huge amount of stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion that feels far from our beautiful vision, that is if we are even able to see that vision any more.

We’re here to change that reality and create a movement of people that are living gorgeous lives and making a difference in the world, while maintaining balance.

Can this be broken down into three easy steps?  No.  But three steps that if you do the work and stay on the path will get you there, yes.

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Good new/Bad news/More good news

So, we’ve got good news and bad news. I never know which to start with, but since I always save my favorite things for last, I guess I’ll start with the bad news.

Unfortunately, our printer received our cover material and there were defects in some of the sheets and so we had to send them back and get more (perfect) cover material to deboss for your Dreambooks. This means a slight delay in receiving your reward. We’re so sorry – but we wanted to make sure that you get the best.

THE GOOD NEWS: the covers will be beautiful, the material we saw without the defects is gorgeous and you are going to love love love your Dreambook.

MORE GOOD NEWS: You’ll still receive your Dreambook long before December and totally in time to plan the most amazing 2016 ever.

EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS: Peter and I are creating some awesome tutorial videos for you like we said we would if we reached our stretch goals. We decided that even though we didn’t reach those stretch goals – we love you all so much, we’ll make them anyway. 😉

Thank you for all your support and your understanding about this unfortunate delay.

You’re the best!



Making room for creativity

In the midst of this Kickstarter campaign, we had a sudden creative burst. We had an old piano we’d gotten for free on craigslist, and we decided to paint it. Then Briana had an idea for swings in the living room and Peter built them. Next, Peter was taking down a fence in the backyard and turned it into this star. We seem to have tapped into something. Luckily, we’ve figured out that stuff like this – playing and creating – adds huge value to our existence. So, we’ve structured our lives to allow time for it.

This is the essence of what we teach in the Dreambook, and we sincerely hope to help many others to begin honoring the stuff that makes life rich, even in the midst of chaos.

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Dreaming and Planning

I believe that balance does exist.

I’ve been quiet about this for some time now, but there has been a rising desire to speak out with this currently unpopular belief.  Why is it unpopular?  Well I think that many people were chasing balance in an unbalanced way that felt constrictive and not heart centered and thus there was a backlash of thought leaders breaking out of that trap and stating that balance is a myth.

I get it.  And I think that this was a necessary part of the story line for all of us.

And now I think its time for a paradigm shift.  Even just holding faith that balance is possible, that it does exist, is a strong place to stand in the world.  When we hold a belief that something is real and true we are able to see it manifest in the world around us and see avenues of creating that in our own lives.

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Dreams, Actualized

When I met my wife, she was a massage therapist and I was practicing Chinese Medicine. I thought we were pretty similar people on pretty similar tracks. She’s six years younger than I am, so, naturally, I figured I’d be ahead of her in most ways. Boy, was I kidding myself.

At age 23, she opened a large spa in Portland. I helped. At 24, she and I bought our first house. At 27, she had a baby, opened a café, bought a second house and turned the first one into a rental. I helped. At 28, she opened a second spa. I helped. At 30, she pushed us to buy the commercial building our first spa and two restaurants occupy. I helped. At 32, she founded her own brand, launched a program to help people achieve their dreams, bought a third house and turned the second one into a rental. I helped. At 33, she opened a third spa. I helped. At 34, she opened a fourth spa, started a new magazine, had a second baby, and created and Launched a Kickstarter for a Dreambook+Planner . I helped.

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