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Where you are going to be in 3 months?

Hi loves —

I have something important that you need to read right now. 

January 2020 is just over three months away. 

How does that make you feel? 

How has this year unfolded? 

Let yourself think back to January 2019. Who were you then? What were you hoping for, dreaming of, and planning? What did you want this year to BE? Maybe you sat down and created a list of goals for your year, with your cup of tea & your favorite pens. Maybe you set out to learn to play the ukelele, finally clean out the garage, change your job, start your blog. Maybe you wanted to *feel* differently — to drink more water and move your body more so that you feel more energetic, alive & bright.  Maybe you wanted to connect more deeply with your partner, carving out more time for date nights or trips to the beach. 

So my question for you today is: did you do it? 

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What if Sundays were never Scary: My Weekly Planner Ritual

We know so many people who dread the start of their week.

A quick scroll through Facebook on a Sunday or Monday and you’ll see so many reminders that most people are simply trying to get through the week, hoping that they can survive until the weekend without too much overwhelm and drama. You’ll see countdowns til Friday, memes about “the Mondays” or reminders of the Sunday Scaries, when people start to dread the end of their weekend.

What if instead you got excited for Monday, because you look forward to living your dreams all week? Imagine if you spent your Sundays looking forward to a week routine that is inspired, aligned, and organized!

Even beyond that, picture yourself able to look ahead with certainty, knowing that you have already made time in your upcoming schedule for doing everything you must get done, PLUS you had also built in time for rest, play, attending to your physical and spiritual health, and spending meaningful time with family and friends? You were dreaming and planning your way into a fulfilled and balanced week.

Suddenly, Monday wouldn’t feel so overwhelming, would it?

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A Dreamer and a Doer: Putting your Day Dreams on the Calendar

We all know people whose dreams are legendary and huge. Every time you see them, you might hear about a new idea — the book they want to write, the business they want to start, the invention idea they have that someone should create. But, they may or may not actually make it happen.

Then, you probably know planners, too. They are hardly ever late, have everything scheduled, and it’s definitely not easy for them to change plans if something unexpected comes up in their day, because every minute is scheduled. A lot gets done day to day, but there isn’t a lot of time devoted to the big picture.

The truth is, there is a sweet spot between these two extremes.

That’s where we come in.

How can you go from being a dreamer to a doer?

Or better yet, how can you be the best of both?

The biggest shift you have to make is not about logistics or when or how you plan, but instead it’s about shifting your mindset.

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How to Plan Life like a Boss

It seems obvious to say, but the more special moments you fill your life with, the more special your life will feel.

That goes for planning, too.

That’s why we love not only creating products that help people plan out their big dreams, but help them do the planning itself.

Our number one tip for how to make planning a part of your life that you adore is to make it feel really special.

Here are three ways to do that so that your time spent planning feels more like a treat than another item on your to-do list.

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Don’t Get Lost in Perfectionism

So much love for this guest post by Ann Musselman, a Dragontree client and member of the Dragontree Dreamers and Planners Community.

A few morning thoughts for those of you who feel overwhelmed, stuck, or intimidated by the front sections of the Dreambook: Please use or discard my words to your greatest benefit and ease.

The front section of the book is not a test, it’s not even a quiz, you can’t get the questions wrong. All the questions prior to the Craft section where you actually start writing your goals down are a form of brainstorming- to get an idea of your core self and your desired life- so you can see and identify the gaps between where you are now, and who and what you would really like to be.

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5 Things to Journal About and Why

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” —William Wordsworth

There is so much research about the benefits of journaling: stress relief, sparks creativity, improves confidence, helps with conflict resolution, improves writing, boosts memory, increases emotional intelligence, helps achieve goals, evokes mindfulness, improves health and healing, and makes you smarter.

But sitting down with a blank sheet of paper and expecting to pour oneself through the pen can be a bit daunting for even the most inspired writer.

To help you get through that first step of putting pen to paper I’ve Made a list of five things you can journal about and why.

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Why set 10 year goals?

At my grandma’s funeral in December there were a lot of tears and a lot of laughs. We shared beautiful memories and shoulders to cry on. She was 91, she had as big of humor as she had heart, and she did life her way.  

While I looked around at the church where her service was held, three things really struck me:

1. 64 of the 66 of us from her family made it to the middle of Montana from all over the world with 4 days notice.  She had cultivated relationships with all of us, she had prioritized family, and therefore we prioritized her, even in her passing.

This closeness transcends into all of our relationships, even if we disagree and live completely different lives, we love each other deeply.  It’s taught me to always aim to understand rather than judge, because we are all indeed one big family.

2. Her faith was so strong, that I could almost feel her version of heaven in the room.  She was devoted to god.  In fact, one Sunday morning my sisters were hanging out with my grandma, who was getting ready for church, and my sister Hannah said, “come on grandma stay and hang out with us, what could be more important than time with your family?”  To which my grandma replied, “god.”

Whatever our spiritual beliefs are, having faith in the divine, or the universe, or ourselves, is a huge blessing in life.  But it also takes cultivation and space for that practice, so if we want to hear the voice of god, or be more in tune with our inner guidance, we have to prioritize it, like my grandma did.

3. We buried my grandma on my grandfather’s birthday.  He was the love of her life, and it felt like a huge cosmic gift to be giving her back to him.  He died over 30 years earlier and yet was ever present in her life.

That kind of love is so beautiful and everlasting.  And . . . it takes work, not just work in the relationship, but work on ourselves to evolve and grow when we are met with obstacles together.  

I’ve been so inspired by these parts of my grandma’s life and passing, and as I think about my own mortality I see there are ways in which I would love my ending days to look: healthy, vibrant, full of family and friends, feeling connected to the divine, feeling like I made a positive impact on the world, having my sweet husband by my side (either physically or metaphorically), and being able to look back and say I really enjoyed the heck out of life.

Recently I’ve had a few people from our Dreambook community ask me why we put such long-term goal setting in a year-long planning book.  They shared that it felt very difficult to have any real goals for that far away when life is so unpredictable, and some even said that they felt so stuck on this that they couldn’t move forward with the rest of the work in the book.  

I totally get it.  

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