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The Dreambook+Planner turns your dreams into a tangible plan to make those dreams come true. Whether it’s launching a business, learning a language, or living a more fulfilling, meaningful life, you’ll learn to break down your dreams into manageable steps and how to integrate those steps into your daily life. It keeps you on track with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly calendars to ensure you stay on track to create the life you want.

The Dreambook+Planner becomes your “life hub” for daily tasks, appointments, and actions to realize your dreams and goals—but it’s not a fancy to-do list, it integrates peace, connection, gratitude, and ritual into your daily routine to make sure you live with intention and focus on the things that matter most. Begin living your dream life with the Dreambook+Planner and make 2024 the year your dreams come true

It's Like GPS for Your Life


Connect To Your Dreams and Set Your Destination.

The Dreambook+Planner helps you clarify your dreams, define your goals, and establish a destination for your life — and gives you the tools to get there.


Make a Plan. Make It Real.

Transform your dreams into actionable goals through creative processes, mind mapping, visioning, planning sessions, and a weekly alignment.


Enjoy the Ride.

The Dreambook+Planner guides you to focus on your goals every day, every step of the way. Take control of the wheel and even when detours show up, it keeps you on track. 


Your Destination is Ahead.

The Dreambook+Planner encourages you to celebrate every mile: Navigate your life with confidence, joy, and determination. The life you want is just ahead.

Living Life on Purpose

Your Life Becomes What You Do Every Day

That’s why we created the Dreambook+Planner — to teach you how to create a structure that combines the “must do” and the “want to” parts of your life.

It aligns your daily actions with the vision you have for your life to ensure that everyday you are working to realize the life you want so it happens now, not in some far-off future.

The Dreambook+Planner helps you commit to your short and long-term goals, personal growth, and whole health through creative processes, mind mapping, visioning, planning sessions, and a weekly alignment worksheet.

It also has space to journal along the way and reflect on your accomplishments. It  also incorporates a year at a glance, monthly and week-by-week calendars to keep yourself on track.

We know firsthand that it’s effective; we’ve been refining this system for years. You’ll be more efficient, you’ll reach your goals, and you’ll have time for the things that really matter the most to you – like your health, your family and friends, travel, rest, play… all with an ease you never believed possible. 

Who Can Benefit From Using the Dreambook + Planner?

No matter who you are, the Dreambook+Planner can help you unlock your potential and embrace a life that aligns with your deepest desires and dreams.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to optimize their time to pursue dreams and grow their businesses.
  • Parents trying to achieve life balance amid parenthood, careers, and personal growth.
  • Students trying to manage school, work, and life tasks.
  • Professionals trying to balance personal and career growth.
  • Seekers looking to cultivate more peace, purpose, gratitude, and connection in their lives.
  • Anyone trying to figure out how to find time for passions like painting, learning, or traveling.
  • End of career or retired people wanting to live with intention and fulfill lifelong dreams.
  • Anyone who has a dream but doesn’t know how to make it come true.

Hear Inspiring Stories From Our Community.

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Scott loves his life, but the Dreambook+Planner helps him see, as he says, “The connection between what will people say about me when I die to remember to get the dry cleaning”. 

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Jentry, a mom of five, and business owner use the Dreambook+Planner to plan life transitions for the next 1 to 3 years while living with intention and focus.

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Lisa used the Dreambook+ Planner to help plan and achieve big life goals. But it gave her the tools to clarify her priorities and decide to retire early and travel more. 

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The Dreambook+Planner gives Elisa lots of room to create and lets her see how the 1 year plan connects to the 3 year plan. It lets her plan with purpose and intention.

What Makes the Dreambook + Planner Unique?

Most planners only focus on one or two parts of your life. They wind up being a “to do” list and don’t give you the tools you need to create a plan to achieve your dreams and goals.

We believe checking items off your daily to do list (while important) isn’t success. Living the life you want on your terms is the ultimate success—and the Dreambook+Planner can make it happen.

Don’t settle for an ordinary planner. The Dreambook+Planner is your guide to a transformative journey of self-discovery, intentional living, and ultimate fulfillment. Start making your dreams a reality today.

Holistic Approach: From physical and mental well-being to spiritual growth, personal relationships, community involvement, and career aspirations, the Dreambook+Planner covers all areas of life. It prompts you to address questions that you may not have considered (or chosen to ignore), allowing you to create a clear vision of the life you truly want.

Action-Oriented: This planner is not just about dreaming; it’s about doing. By focusing on the whole person, the Dreambook+Planner helps you cultivate daily actions that prioritize your dreams. With a concrete plan in place, you’ll live the life you want.

Unlock Your Dreams: With 38 pages dedicated to a comprehensive life audit, you’ll go on a journey of self-discovery. Through thought-provoking exercises, you’ll unearth your deepest desires, uncover what truly matters to you, and connect with your purpose in life.

Take a Peek Inside

The Tools You Need For Finding Your Way

Goal Setting

Goals for the year, quarter, and month. Excercises to turn your dreams into an actionable plan.

Weekly Alignment

Top goals for the week, tasks, a weekly Ritual for Living health challenge, space to de-clutter, a space to track and reinforce new habits.

Daily Planning

Express gratitude, habit tracking, and identify a focus.

Weekly Planning

Task list, Rituals for Living challenge, weekly calendar. Reflection, gratitude, habit tracking, and room to journal.

Monthly Planning

Month at a glance view to keep you on track with what matters most. Planning tools to identify and reach your monthly goals.

Quarterly Planning

Get a fresh start each quarter with quarterly life edits, project breakdowns and self-trust assessments.

Yearly Planning

A full 12-month, week-by-week calendar (including your year at a glance) for 2024 and 2025

End of Year

Reflection, memorable moments, what worked and didn’t work, next year’s theme.

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We want you to succeed

You're Not Alone

Just getting started can be the hardest part. We know. That’s why we created courses and workshops to help you though each step of the process.

This workshop focuses on the first part of the Dreambook +Planner and using a variety of tools, which helps you connect to what you really want, uncover goals, and create a plan to live the life you want.

This series of online exercises complement the Dream. Design. Do. Workshop or can be done independently. Over 9 days, you’ll do fun exercises to bring clarity to your goals.

Magic Mondays is held the 1st Mondays in January. Using the weekly alignment, we walk you through each week, help you establish habits, rituals, learn what to focus on and so much more.

Four times a year meet online and work on the quarterly breakdowns, catch up on lingering goals, and get refocused and reenergized to put your plan into action. It keeps you motivated and on track.

This is a self-study, 9-week course on crafting your life to maximize “the sweet stuff”, achieving your big goals, AND having more full, loving, and meaningful relationships with the people who matter the most to you!

Our Facebook group is a welcoming and supportive place to discuss the Dreambook+Planner, get help, share ideas, find tips on getting the most out of your planner, and most importantly—make new friends & connections!

See How Our Community Makes the Dreambook+ Planner Their Own